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Solar Nights #5


Vijfde editie van Solar Nights.


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Solar Nights




Af Ursin / Timo van Luijk (FI/BE)

Af Ursin

Geboren in Finland (1967), wonend in België

Autodidactisch improviserend componist en visueel kunstenaar (grafiek, fotografie, video)

Vormde in 1989 samen met Geert Feytons het experimenteel muziek ensemble ‘Noise-Maker’s Fifes’ dat zich verder uitbreidde tot een audio-visueel collectief met verschillende wisselende leden. De groep werkte vaak met zelfgemaakte instrumenten en veldopnames en was gekend voor zijn complexe, dynamische en surrealistische audiovisuele live happenings, vaak met dans en klankinstallaties. NMF performde in binnen-en buitenland en publiceerde talrijke cassette, CD en video uitgaven op het eigen NMT Productions label. Verder creëerde NMF ook muziek voor verschillende dans choreografieën van Thierry Smits. In 2006, na het overlijden van Geert, vormden de overblijvende kernleden (Timo van Luijk, Marc Wroblewski en Greg Jacobs) de groep Onde waarbij de klemtoon meer ligt op louter muzikale improvisatie.

Sinds midden jaren ’90 is van Luijk ook solo actief als ‘Af Ursin'. Hij produceert intieme, poëtische, vrije arrangementen in zijn Kulta Saha studio. Het werk van Af Ursin bestaat uit gestructureerde improvisaties met verscheidene, vooral akoestische instrumenten, klank objecten en de studio als instrument. Naast zijn eigen creaties produceert hij occasioneel muziek voor theater, kortfilm en audio composities in opdracht. Sinds 2001 geeft hij zijn eigen werk en samenwerkingsprojecten (o.a. met Andrew Chalk, Frederik Croene, Raymond Dijkstra, Christoph Heemann, Kris Vanderstraeten) uit op vinyl op zijn label La Scie Dorée.

Het live werk van Af Ursin omvat verschillende repertoires afhankelijk van locatie en situatie.

In dezelfde poëtische trend experimenteert hij met grafiek, fotografie en video. Zijn werk vertoont mysterieuze, onwezenlijke organische vormen met een surrealistisch kantje en wordt soms ook gebruikt als album illustratie.



Abundance Collaboration (FR,NL,CL)

Artistic Collaboration based in Holland. With Baptiste Sandère, Grey Timmers and Paulina Vogel.

Abundance Collaboration

Follow up is the result of improvised partnering research in between three dancers that created Abundance Collaboration. While developing their physicality, they started to organize sessions to export themselves outside the dance studio. In that process they extended their concept of improvisation with all the elements of the stage such as lighting, décors and music. Every evening is to be discovered on the spot while the performers, organize the lighting from the stage, play with the décors, adjust the tracks from the show accordingly. The focus of this shows is their non-verbal communication in order to create the evening live. You could imagine a writer picking up all the words that inspires him at his desk, then go outside, observes his surrounding and organizes a couple of them in sentences one after the other.



Ana Leonor Ladas (PT/NL) en Michael Moore (US/NL)

'Memento Mori'

Memento Mori

Synopsis - Memento Mori reflects on the fragile existence of human beings and the many emotional and physical struggles immigrants crossing the Mediterranean sea face. Life as a small boat navigating in the big sea of uncertainty. Death as an unavoidable transition to the unknown. Life & death, courage and fear, strong & vulnerable. Is there any borders?


Concept & Dance - Ana Leonor Ladas
Music - Michael Moore (Sax & Clarinete)
Video - Daniela Paes Leão
Light - Ellen Knops

A 'States of Presence' Production
© Photo Daniela Paes Leão



Frankye Laforgue (IT)

Frankye Laforgue

Sidenotes to a performance. Frankye Laforgue (Francesco Partipilo) was born in Puglie in Southern Italy in 1957, a descendant of Attican-Macedonian-Byzantine lineage. Since 1960 he has lived in Turin where he graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. The chemistry between the South and North of the  magmatic and heterogeneous Italian country  produces extraordinary  matter, from imagination to expressive rigor. As a boy, in the climate of great cultural complexity and socio-political tensions which were the innovative 70s, he performed in a three-piece jazz ensemble as well as in musical theater and sound installations. He collaborated with bassist and composer William Parker and Don Moye Famoudou, the historical drummer of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and with the latter he recorded a double album in 2013.

The performance he presents at Solar Nights comes from the encounter between MASK and SPACE. Space is the always different and unique gravitational field of drives and images. The mask, the face and the body are responsible for all the living rhabdomancy and its vibrations into sound and whisper or scream. The void trunk of the empty world, dug out of molds and flowers, like a rhizome of sense, mysteriously resonates. Of matter and non-matter it secretly gives life and voice. Need for beading gently, or better for unveiling the vibration of this void, that holds us as we hold it. Stretching of the threads. Weaving of the spirit. Thickening of soulfoul nodes as they transpire. between light and shadow. Yet..these weak threads woven with fatigue and pain; these strings stretched for restless acrobats; these tracks in the void.

This foam ... .This is what it's called in one word: Language. This is what makes us. This is our foundation. What remains. It's not much but it is all. And it is what we, out of fear and tremor, in amusement and love. Always and everywhere, cling to, firmly. With passion. Lest losing our ways. Out of fear of being there. Body fluid, in the light of a thousand crystals desire dances... the desire to grasp my nature. My space. My time. My non-space. My non-time. And of all creatures, their heart.

Francesco Partipilo. October 2015.




Een animatiefilm geschreven en geregisseerd door Hisko Hulsing.
Techniek: Olieverf op canvas, 2D animatie, 3D animatie.

Een man wordt beroofd en neergestoken op een metrotrein. Terwijl hij ligt te sterven flitst een vriendschap uit zijn jeugd voor zijn ogen voorbij.



Ellen Knops

Ellen Knops started in 1989 in the musiclighting but changed quikly to theatre and modern dance.
In 1994 Katie Duck asked her to do the lights for her improvisation performance. All she said was “surprise me”, so she did and continued doing. Since then they have been working together. Among other projects in Magpie Music and Dance Company, where there is an instant interaction between the disciplines dance, light and music.
In the past years Ellen improvised with many performers, such as David Zambrano, Micheal Schumacher, Gonny Heggen, Nederlands danstheater 3, Katie Duck en Lily Kiara.
In the work with Lily Kiara, in their almost organically growing collaboration, there is a very close interaction between lights and dance. They continue to develop their findings and always look for possibilities to strech their ideas a little further.
Ellen has been teaching workshops at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, to share her vision that light can be played with as an autonomous element; light as movement, rather than a static aspect of the performance. Light can change the sense of space, time and atmosphere.


Host: Daniel Rakish


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